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The Mate to Mate concept was created after the founder Desmond Tatchell experienced a number of traumas on his personal life journey. At times of major crisis it would have been easy to succumb to despair, feelings of worthlessness and ultimate self harm.There needs to be a combination of medical and academic inputs in the suicide crisis, but there also needs to be real life examples of people who have survived, who can inspire other men and women.

Mate to Mate is a mental health support service for construction workers, from people that have been in the industry and fully understand the inherent pressures.

It is not an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) phone service but an on the ground service for mental health issues. Mate to Mate is also there to help improve mental health awareness and education in the construction industry. 

Mate to Mate is a unique program not be confused with MIC (Mates in Construction). Both companies are trying to improve mental health outcomes for workers in the construction industry with different approaches. 


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Mate to Mate draws on my personal journey of on-going suffering, despair, trauma, setbacks and hopelessness. It’s a celebration of survival, and the ability of an individual human life to endure against seemingly IMPOSSIBLE ADVERSITY and refusing to GIVE IN. It’s about learning the vital life lesson of RESILIENCE.

Des Tatchell

Adversity – Resilience – Hope Des Tatchell

Mental health has reached crisis point in Australia and in late 2016, I was contemplating adding to the statistics by ending my own life.Changing that mindset has been a powerful journey and the development of Mate to Mate is the result. The program addresses our unacceptable suicide rates by providing tools of resilience.Mate to Mate harnesses the vast internal resources and potential each of us have. Our ability to draw on our inner strength is enhanced and encouraged and self-reliance is taught.In essence, when an individual’s support system fails for whatever reason, we ultimately can only rely on ourselves. The individual spirit needs to prevail.

Adversity – Resilience – Hope

Des Tatchell

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A full organisational program to improve mental health outcomes in the construction environment .
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