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What is this service providing ?

The intent of this service is to connect and engage construction workers in a credible and realistic manner. Construction by nature is stressful, all consuming and demanding. The standard approaches of referral to a counselling service are often ignored. There is an over-representation of suicide within the construction industry, other approaches need to be considered that workers feel encouraged to participate in. Instead of one way communication.

Gauging the effectiveness of existing mental health programs within the workplace and looking for opportunities for improvement. Seeking direct inputs from work crews, supervisors and managers.  To improve outcomes in the mental health space.

Breaking down the barriers

The founder understands working people and how to communicate effectively with them, having worked on the ground as a senior safety advisor for a number of years in major construction. 

It is ironic but a large number of construction workers do not like public speaking or classroom environments; or sharing their feelings in these spaces. Learning should be targeted to different audiences.

Some of the most powerful impacts from my personal experience, is the on the ground informal 1:1 conversations and sharing experiences. Spending time in the field is critical in breaking down these barriers to communication. This is critical to achieve because a number of workers suffer in silence. Often wearing a façade and do not seek help particularly in the construction industry. It is a macho dominated world and the discussion around emotions is seen as weakness.

Further services provided

This service will provide workshops on various topics.

Resilience will be the first workshop and how it can be implemented in a practical way.

To create a safe place for workers to communicate honestly and freely with their emotions, without judgement or peer pressure.



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