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The Concept

In the traditional Australian sense mateship between men has been a powerful bond. In times of crisis the best of the Australian culture can be seen such as the Anzac spirit, floods, bushfire or other natural disasters.

At present there is a national crisis in men’s and women’s health. As recently reported on the ABC 29/05/19 The Drum there are 82 ambulance calls per day involving men and self harm, that is 30,0000 call outs per year. Or as reported in Lifeline statistics 8 men per day commit suicide. In recent years there have also been a marked increase in the number of women self harming and committing suicide particularly young women. It is a real issue for both genders.

It has also been acknowledged within the state of Victoria that the mental health system is dysfunctional and not effective, with a recent royal commission.

In this environment individuals cannot not solely rely on a medical intervention, they will need to draw on internal resources and have awareness of trigger points – seeking assistance from family, mates and their own personal tools of resilience to stay alive. This organisation intends to provide those tools, knowledge, education and personal experiences.



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