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Presentations for staff workshops, seminars and conferences

Resilience workshops and presentations can be designed specifically for your needs.


One-hour presentations provide an overview of my personal journey and some of the tools we can all use to build personal resilience against life’s challenges.


Half day or full day workshops  provide an overview of my personal journey and provide interactive sessions which include:

  • Acknowledgement of the community wide problem of suicide and its direct impacts -emotional, financial, community and generational
  • Development of strategies for survival within the group environment
  • Encouragement of group participation  
  • Resilience – What does it mean/ how can we implement it in our lives
  • Presentation of tools/ handouts  for use after the workshop

Full Program

  • A full organisational program to improve mental health outcomes in the construction environment (On the ground support as a mental health first aider)
  • 6-12 month program with 3 distinct phases
  • Phase one – Relationship building – 20 minute workshops in the field for the blue collar workforce – the use of visual cards to encourage conversations – mental health support
  • Phase two – Formalised workshops for office staff on resilience training – identifying organisational gaps in mental health
  • Phase three – Management, safety team and mental health champions – cultural review. Confirmed and agreed processes for dealing with individual crisis points.




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